"People don't change."  I've heard it said countless times.  But actually, people CAN change - if they WANT to.  Psychotherapy is a process that helps achieve that change. Sometimes problems are longstanding and they have affected your life in unpleasant or unproductive ways.  Sometimes challenges are new and difficult to manage on your own and are complicating other areas of your life and relationships.  And sometimes you know something in your life isn't working as it could, but you just don't know how to fix it.  I can help you explore and unlock the underlying issue that is fueling the problem.  Together we can resolve it, bringing relief and release, and the change you want.

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Professional Counseling

Counseling is, in general, a relatively brief treatment that is focused mostly on an unwanted behavior or negative thinking causing distress.   It often targets a particular symptom or problematic situation and suggestions are offered and advice for dealing with it.  I like to think of counseling as co-creating a solution to a challenging situation.  Counseling can be very helpful in resolving such things as relationship difficulties, career issues, personal growth, correcting "bad habits", addiction behaviors, etc.  In this regard, I work with both individuals and couples.  Every problem comes with its own solution - counseling can help reveal it.

Online Therapy

I offer online therapy as an option or in addition to in-office appointments.  Online therapy is a way for California clients to attend therapy or counseling sessions without having to come into the office.  This allows you who are not in the Los Angeles area, or who can't get to a therapist's office, or who just prefer the convenience of online therapy to have your appointment where you are most comfortable.  It is necessary to have a computer with high-speed internet access, and a webcam.  I provide my online services through SecureVideo, a secure technology platform that complies with both the HIPAA Privacy Rules and the HITECH Act.  Click on the above highlighted link to take you directly to my SecureVideo online service.